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The Langtang region provides an opportunity to see the nearly whole Nepalese Himalayan mountain range from Annapurna in the west, to Makalu in the east. On the morning of the second day, this amazing view can be seen for the first time from the top of the Shiva Puri Ridge. The trek continues along a high ridge for 6 days until it crosses the Laurebina Pass. Just below the pass lies the Gosainkund Lakes at 4,300 metres. The Gosainkund lakes are the object of the Shiva pilgrim trail for they were once visited by Shiva himself. From here, the path descends to Syabru, an interesting village on the crest of a ridge.Langtang is the closest trekking region to Kathmandu, indeed the Langtang trek can be started in Kathmandu itself. The trek now enters the Langtang valley. The Langtang valley is sacred and no animals may be killed here. It is also a national park. The forest is full of wildlife.From Sundarajil, just outside Kathmandu the fourteen day trek follows the Shiva pilgrim trail for 150 kilometers, over the Shiva Puri Ridge, over the Gosainkund lake via the Laurebina Pass at 4,700 metres.

Higher up, past the tree line, lies Kanjin Gompa, an architectural master piece. Its sloping walls complement the slopes of the mountain behind, Langtang Lirung.The Langtang valley continues west and then north for another 50 kilometers beyond Kanjin Gompa. This is beyond the range of tea house trekking, for there are no lodges. Today, the upper Langtang region is visited mainly by expeditions to Dorje Lakpa and Shisha Pangma.

Nepal Trekking

Trekking is usually pleasant and gradual on well-explored or unexplored trails of hills and mountains to experience the beauty of nature and to satisfy one’s curiosity of the wilderness. Nepal is one of the well-known countries that have a rich diversity of natural landscapes and famous for being the first choice for trekking destination amongst the local and international travelers.

Nepal Trekking is an ideal for recreational and adventurous purposes. Nepal is a Himalayan country with profound religious and cultural significance and has spectacular natural beauty for trekkers to explore; lush green valleys, beautiful natural landscapes, and heritage sites, as well as high plateaus, snow mountains and the highest summit in the world, Everest lies here.

Thus, trekking in Nepal will give you the opportunity to get closer with nature as you walked the trails, discover cultural diversity by embracing the lifestyle of the local communities, and experience the natural world without interference from daily hustle and bustle back home- such opportunity is very rewarding and you will never forget these valuable and memorable times upon returning home.