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Khumbu Icefall Treks & Expedition

Bringing you a modern, comfortable, and connected travel experience is one of our highest priorities. That’s why Khumbu Icefall Treks continuously try to improve your experience when you book anything with us. We really appreciate and welcome any of suggstions you might have for us, so feel free drop us line anytime.We really appreciate and welcome any of suggstions you might have for us, so feel free drop us line anytime.

Khumbu Icefall Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer government licensed trekking and expedition agency in Nepal. We have a team of experience trekking guide and mountain hero “Sherpa” to guide you through your most memorable days of your life. We also offer treks and adventures trek and tour in Tibet and Bhutan.

We believe in teamwork, unity is strength. We would like to serve and share all our ideas and experiences with the guests as we have gained knowledge in various sectors. Simply, we prefer for every trip must be 100% safety first, enjoyable and service guaranteed to all our guests.

So as our team are well trained and highly experienced, to ensure your complete comfort and safety throughout your adventure. We also focus on protecting the fragile beauty of the Himalayan regions through eco tourism and cultural preservation.

Traveling with us means traveling the eco friendly way. It is the duty of all of us to preserve this fragile natural heritage of the Himalayas. In the past, the Himalayan region has greatly suffered from deforestration mostly due to cutting trees for firewood. Please visit our Eco friendly Nepal tour page to know how you can support on our efforts on eco tourism. Recently, we are also experiencing adverse effects of global warming in the form of shrinking glaciers and unexpected weather.

Not just the ecological aspects, we are equally sensitive to support local communities whichever ways possible like using local products while on the trek or encouraging lodge owners who use renewable energies for running their business. Our staffs are well paid and provided with proper clothings while on the trek and they are insured.

We donate a small portion of our yearly profit to a Child Education named “Children of Kapan” here in Kathmandu. If you wish to join hands to support any of these unfortunate children for their education, you are quite welcome to visit them while in Kathmandu.